Battle Buddy Bridge®

Battle Buddy Bridge®

Innovative peer-to-peer support for veterans struggling to find their footing.

What is Battle Buddy Bridge®?

Battle Buddy Bridge® (B3) is a peer-to-peer program developed by Volunteers of America that provides services and opportunities to military veterans and their families. B3 trains and certifies veterans to be peer support specialists to veterans in need. Serving as community resource navigators, these trained Battle Buddies help their peers get access to housing, health care, family support, training, employment, and legal services. Oftentimes, they simply offer a shoulder to lean on when times are tough.

What does Battle Buddy Bridge®mean?

The program’s name is derived from the military term “Battle Buddy.” When they enter the service, soldiers are assigned a Battle Buddy. These peers train together, eat together, and are even disciplined together, and this relationship continues throughout their service. Once discharged, some veterans find it difficult to to maintain the structure that the military offered. Many entered the service at a young age, escaping abusive childhoods and looking for a sense of family, and have no one to turn to when they return home. Battle Buddy Bridge® recreates the partnership that soldiers once had in the military, out in the civilian world. 

Why Battle Buddy Bridge®?

The program is mutually beneficial to participants—veterans who are looking for a way to serve and engage in the community have an opportunity to engage in purpose-driven activities that develop their skills. And their peers, who are at different stages of their reintegration journeys, receive guidance and support from a trusted peer. Research shows that veterans in need will engage with other veterans before civilians in the helping professions. 

Volunteers of America has been committed to helping veterans since the Civil War Era. Battle Buddy Bridge® is our latest, innovative way to serve those who served our country.

Veterans Day

While Volunteers of America-Greater New York honors the sacrifice of veterans every day, we pay special tribute each November, giving thanks to those who served our country honorably. Make a donation now in honor of Veterans Day.

“Twenty veterans a day are taking their own lives.
Veterans helping veterans can reduce that number.”

– Brian Bardell

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