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  • Finding Stability After Foster Care

    In-and-out of foster care their whole childhood, Warren and his younger brother Isaiah both found jobs, housing and stability in the Synergy I program for at-risk youth in Northern New Jersey.

  • Striving On With Purpose

    Linda never quite found her footing after being discharged from the Army National Guard. Falling on hard times, she moved into Commonwealth Veterans Residence where she gained the support of staff and a renewed sense of purpose.

  • All the Support They Need

    Twins Adrianna and Allison were both diagnosed with autism at an early age. At the Staten Island Early Learning Center, the sisters receive all the therapies they need to give them a strong foundation for kindergarten.

  • The Love of a Family

    Heaven and Solomon lived at our family shelter on the Upper West Side. Now, they have found permanent housing and Heaven is able have her own space to study and make art.

  • Leave No One Behind

    Edwin and Derek are friends and graduates of Battle Buddy Bridge®, our innovative program that trains veterans to be peer counselors.

  • Unconditional Support

    Lisa was diagnosed with HIV at 19 and struggled with addiction. With the constant support of our staff, she has been sober for nearly a year.

  • Once a Member of the VOA-GNY Family, Always a Member

    Nina came to us when she left her abusive relationship. She kept coming back because she found safety and family at VOA-GNY.

  • This Veteran Found Comfort Among His Peers

    Rick, a Marine Corps veteran and three-time Purple Heart recipient, has struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress since leaving the service in 1972. Through support from his peers, and vice versa, he's starting to feel the weight lifting off of his shoulders.

  • Learning to Fly

    Since coming to VOA, Jacob has gotten a job, traveled across the country, and is working on getting his drivers license, all while learning how to manage both an intellectual disability and a mental illness.

  • How One Gift Can Make a Difference

    Michele Savino, Director of Residential Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities on Staten Island provides insight on the importance of Burt and Barbara's Gifts of the Heart for her residents.