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  • Peace for a Retired Veteran

    Martin and his wife thought they'd be spending their retirement with family in North Carolina after leaving their rent controlled apartment. But when those living arrangements didn't work out, they returned to New York only to discover they couldn't afford to rent. Instead, they became homeless.

  • Finding Light

    Lourdes experienced violence and trauma from a young age. For twenty years, she dated the same boyfriend on and off until he became abusive when she was pregnant. When Lourdes decided to leave him, she came to a VOA-GNY emergency shelter for help. It was here that she learned to thrive.

  • School Supplies Bring Big Smiles

    Meet some of the children at VOA-Greater New York's family shelters who received backpacks and school supplies through this year's Operation Backpack® campaign.

  • Living His Dream

    From the time he was a child growing up in Spanish Harlem, Benny learned to do what was needed to survive. When an injury prevented him from working and he became homeless, he found a place to sleep in exchange for his help cleaning. But it's been a long time since Benny has had a home, a place of his own—until he moved into East Clarke Place Senior Residence.

  • Together as a Family, Always

    All Kelvin ever wanted was to be with his children—even when that meant entering shelter to stay together. The support he found at VOA-Greater New York's family shelter in Bushwick, Brooklyn was all that he could hope for and more, as he worked to get his family back on its feet.

  • A Second Chance

    Tiffany "aged out" of foster care at nineteen. Not ready to live on her own, she was transferred to an independent living program. At first, she struggled to adjust in the program and clashed with other youth. But her case manager saw potential in Tiffany and helped give her a second chance.

  • Arthur’s Story

    Arthur has nothing but good things to say about staff at Richard F. Salyer House, VOA-Greater New York’s supportive housing program in Upper Manhattan. “The staff don’t look down on you. They treat you like family,” he says. After experiencing homelessness due to a drug and alcohol addiction, Arthur is now clean and extremely thankful for the support and assistance he continues to receive.

  • Lonely No More

    Judy served with the US Navy. After being discharged, she lived comfortably with her parents for many years. But when they both passed away, she found herself with nowhere to go. It wasn't until she arrived at VOA-GNY's East 12th Street residence for older adults that she once again found comfort and companionship.

  • Comfort and Chicken Soup

    George has lived at Rose House for nearly 30 years. Fiercely independent and proud, he has always kept to himself, never getting too close to neighbors or staff—that is, until he became ill during the pandemic. In his time of need, VOA-GNY staff offered George comfort and assistance, evening bringing him his favorite chicken soup from a local deli.

  • A Fresh Start

    Linda never imagined she would one day become homeless. She had worked hard to establish her career and lived in a large house with her family. But when her husband's abuse intensified during the pandemic, Linda knew she had to leave.