Veterans and Their Families

Providing a continuum of care to our servicemen and women

"VOA was like a breath of fresh air. VOA staff and volunteers assisted me with reaching my personal milestones. I am eternally grateful." -John Saunders, a formerly homeless veteran who now has his Masters degree from Columbia University.

How We Support Veterans

Since World War I, Volunteers of America has served our veterans. Volunteers of America-Greater New York serves more than 1,300 veterans each year, and is the largest provider of residential services for veterans in New York City, providing direct services to veterans. We continue this legacy by offering a continuum of care to New York City's homeless veterans and those at imminent risk of becoming homeless, providing the support and respect these men and women need and deserve.

Our support helps veterans overcome the barriers that stand between them and stable, secure lives. In addition to addressing their housing needs, we provide a full range of services focusing on both acute and long-term issues, from crisis intervention and counseling, to budget management, employment counseling and recreation. With sensitivity to the complex and individual struggles of veterans, staff also coordinate primary medical care services, including mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Our goal is to help veterans achieve full independence and live safely in the community, making room in our programs for veterans who require supportive services.

Our continuum of care for veterans includes:

Veterans may enter the continuum of care at any point. If you know a homeless or at-risk veteran call 855-2000-VOA or email

Looking Ahead

Volunteers of America-Greater New York has set an urgent, ambitious target of doubling the capacity of our veterans services by 2018, in particular:

  • increase permanent housing units for veterans in all five boroughs
  • add emergency housing units in New York and the Hudson Valley
  • open additional Safe Haven programs in New York and the Hudson Valley
  • remain an influential voice in the public dialogue to ensure the rights and needs of all veterans are protected and addressed

Watch this video about David, a formerly homeless veteran who thrived under our care:

We've joined forces with the NYC Continuum of Care to end Veteran Homelessness in NYC this year.

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