Shared Values

The shared values of VOA – Greater New York reflect our staff and volunteers’ mutual commitment to the organization, its mission, and the people and communities we serve.


We fulfill our mission when we assist others to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


We conduct ourselves in a professional manner to benefit clients, colleagues and the communities we serve, whether or not such action brings us immediate personal satisfaction.


We set high standards for ourselves and seek continuous improvement in all that we do. We take pride in our work and accomplishments.

Communication & Teamwork

We work together and with those we serve in an atmosphere of respect, openly sharing information and ideas to achieve common objectives.


We are guided by the principles of truth and ethical conduct. We are accountable for our actions and follow through on our commitments.


We are richer and stronger because of our individual differences. We are unified by our shared mission.


We believe that through humor and laughter we can find the healing spirit of life and comfort those in need while preserving our own wellness.


We take reasoned risks to find effective and innovative solutions to the problems facing our communities.


We are guided by the spiritual foundation and mission of Volunteers of America and our individual beliefs, thus illustrating God’s love in all that we do. We invite all people to join in our efforts and to experience the joy of serving others.

Code of Conduct

Volunteers of America abides by a code of conduct to ensure compliance with the laws, regulations and policies that govern ethical conduct and the program services we provide. To review this policy, click here.

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