Case for Support

Envision a Different Future

Help us bring hope to our neighbors in need.

The most powerful act of humanity is to help someone see how life can change dramatically and for the good, how goals once unattainable can finally come to fruition.

This is what VOA–Greater New York (VOA-GNY) does every day for tens of thousands in the region. We serve and support:

  • The record number of homeless people on our streets,
  • Families hoping for the anchor of a permanent home,
  • Children whose success depends on an education tailored to their needs and strengths,
  • Veterans who feel forgotten,
  • Survivors of domestic violence.
  • Individuals debilitated by chronic conditions, from addiction to mental illness.
  • Seniors in search of a community.

We invite donors to imagine a different future — both for the person seeking change and for the organization that brings high-touch programs and essential resources to those who need them most. Philanthropy makes real the vision of what life can be.

For a printable tri-fold executive summary of our case for support, please click here.

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