VOA-GNY Domestic Violence PSAs Expanded to NYC Subway

As a continuation of its pilot launched in 2022, Volunteers of America-Greater New York aims to reach and educate more New Yorkers on the link between domestic violence and traumatic brain injuries.

NEW YORK – During the month of June 2024, Volunteers of America-Greater New York (VOA-GNY) will expand its public education initiative on the link between domestic violence and traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the New York City subway system. The ads, which will be featured across all subway lines, come off the heels of the PSAs that ran in New York City buses in March for Brain Injury Awareness Month.

The ads are a prime example of VOA-GNY’s innovative approach to supporting survivors of domestic violence. Developed in partnership with VOA-GNY’s Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Group, which includes experts like neurosurgeon Dr. Edie Zusman of Safe Living Space, the ads aim to shine a light on the common, yet often undetected, signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries.

The effects of TBI, such as headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and blurred vision, can cause long-term or permanent consequences for sufferers, making it essential that survivors have immediate access to shelter and support services. Research suggests that as many as 80% of domestic violence survivors have experienced TBIs, such as concussions or neck injuries.

This hidden epidemic is what led VOA-GNY to launch their first-of-its-kind pilot program in partnership with Safe Living Space in 2022 that implemented routine brain injury screenings as part of VOA-GNY’s domestic violence shelter intake process, and connects those with suspected TBIs with the proper follow-up care. Earlier this year, New York City Council Majority Leader Amanda Farías introduced the first legislative action building on the work of this screening program.

The ads also feature VOA-GNY’s domestic violence helpline in an effort to connect survivors to one of VOA-GNY’s confidentially-located emergency shelters or safe houses.

If you or someone you know is in need of safe shelter, call 1-855-643-RISE (7473)  24/7 or visit voa-gny.org/dv to chat.

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