Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is usually the step taken after an individual or a family has entered an emergency shelter before permanent housing can be found. Most often, people in our transitional housing are referred from our veteran population or women and children in our domestic violence shelters. During this time, they are put in an independent living program and our staff works with them to obtain a more permanent living situation.

The Community Support Services Program provides comprehensive services to people living with mental illness and assists them in obtaining permanent housing. For information, call (212) 369-8900.

The Jamaica Women’s Employment Shelter is a 65-bed facility for women that offers a more structured and service intensive environment, working with clients to develop and implement an Independent Living Plan and achieve personal goals such as learning how to budget or search for housing. For information, call (718) 262-1450.

Cromwell Avenue Safe Haven is an 80-bed facility providing low demand transitional housing, direct care and case management services to long-term street homeless men. For information, call (718) 293-2930.

Schwartz Assessment Shelter is a program that incorporates lessons to offer a more structured and service intensive environment for clients who have not been successful in completing the goals of their independent living plans. For information, call (212) 369-8900.

Transitional Housing for Families

We offer a number of Tier II transitional residences for families, providing comprehensive services to help them achieve independence and obtain permanent housing.

The Lydia E. Hoffman Family Residence — serves 35 homeless families.
For information, call (718) 893-0909.

Regent Family Residence — serves 140 homeless families. For information, call (212) 865-7000.

University Family Residence — serves 70 homeless families. For information, call (718) 590-5353.

Bushwick Family Residence — serves 87 families. For information, call (718) 574-2701.

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

We offer a number of confidentially-located shelters throughout New York City for survivors of domestic violence and their children. Learn more.

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