VOA-GNY Leadership Team

  • Leslie Armstrong

    Assistant Vice President, NYC Emergency Housing & Shelter Services

  • Vanessa Burton

    Director of Program Services

  • Nick Brasse

    Manager of Special Projects

  • Jaqueline Collazo

    Director of Domestic Violence Services

  • Angela Ciminello

    Chief Development and External Affairs Officer

  • Mariel Cruceta

    Sector Director of NYC Housing Services

  • Maria (Masha) Friedman

    Director of Behavioral Health Housing and Homeless Services

  • Thea Jandzio

    Vice President, Business Development & Program Services

  • La'Tanya Johnson

    Sector Director

  • Paul Kress

    Vice President, Real Estate

  • Myung J. Lee

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Sandra Marquez

    Assistant Vice President, NYC Housing Services

  • Brian Moriarty

    Assistant Vice President, Behavioral Health & Senior Housing Programs

  • Julia A. Oliver

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Victor Ortiz

    Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

  • Anddy Perdomo

    Director of Veteran Services

  • Sean Prendergast

    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Alvaro Salas

    Director of Program Services

  • Michael Solana

    Vice President, Finance

  • Noelle Withers

    Vice President, Quality & Program Services