Leadership Team

Tere Pettitt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Franklin Diaz
Vice President, Quality & Program Services

Thea Jandzio
Vice President, Business Development & Program Services
Assistant Vice President, Northern New Jersey, Behavioral Health, Community Support Services, & Outreach

Paul Kress
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Julia A. Oliver
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Lynne Plavnick
Vice President, Human Resources/Chief Compliance Officer

Dolores Swirin-Yao
Vice President, Development

Rachel Weinstein
Vice President, Communications & External Relations

Noelle Withers
Associate Vice President, New York City Housing and Homeless Services

Leslie Armstrong
Assistant Vice President, New York City Emergency Housing and Shelter Services

Sean Prendergast
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources

Avia Rose 
Assistant Vice President of Finance