Leadership Team

Tere Pettitt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Paul H. Torres
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Franklin Diaz
Vice President, Quality & Developmental Services

Paul Kress
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Julia A. Oliver
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Lynne Plavnick
Vice President, Human Resources/Chief Compliance Officer

Rachel Weinstein
Vice President, Communications & External Relations

Dolores Swirin-Yao
Vice President, Development

Avia Rose
Assistant Vice President of Finance

Brian Bardell
Assistant Vice President, NYC Specialized Housing and Veterans Initiatives

Thea Jandzio
Assistant Vice President, NNJ Community & Behavioral Health Services

Tuere Frere
Assistant Vice President, NYC Homeless & Community Support Services

Noelle Withers
Assistant Vice President, NYC Housing Services