Emergency Shelter

While permanent housing, often coupled with supportive services, is the best way to end homelessness, many individuals and families need short-term stabilization before they can find housing that will meet their long term needs. Volunteers of America-Greater New York operates shelters for adults who are in need of immediate shelter, allowing our staff to assess the reasons for their homelessness and determine the services for which these men and women are eligible.

Cromwell Avenue Safe Haven is an 80-bed facility providing low demand transitional housing, direct care and case management services to long-term street homeless men and homeless veterans. For information, call (718) 293-2930.

Grasslands Homeless Shelter is a 149-bed facility providing temporary housing to men, women, and childless couples. For information, call (914) 231-4229.

The Jamaica Women’s Employment Shelter is a 65-bed facility for women that offers a more structured and service intensive environment, working with clients to develop and implement an independent living plan and achieve personal goals such as learning how to budget money or search for housing. For information, call (718) 262-1450.

Patriot House offers a safe, comfortable apartment-style emergency housing to forty homeless, single veteran men and women who are eligible for VA benefits. Veterans may reside at Patriot House for a period of six months, during which time they work with Volunteers of America staff to address their immediate medical and behavioral health needs. In addition, they gain skills to increase their independence and develop the support system they will rely on once they leave our care. For more information, call (718) 841-6229.

Patriot House II is an apartment-style emergency housing program for eight homeless single female veterans and their families. The residence provides a safe, comfortable, alternative to sheltering for homeless veterans being discharged from VA medical centers and offers comprehensive on-site services. Veterans can reside at Patriot House II for a period of six months and work with Volunteers of America staff to secure supportive services, transitional and permanent housing. For more information, call (718) 841-6229.

Schwartz Employment Shelter is a program that incorporates lessons to offer a more structured and service intensive environment for clients who have not been successful in completing the goals of their independent living plans. For information, call (212) 369-8900.