Domestic Violence

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence and Their Families

How We Help Survivors of Domestic Violence

1 out of every 3 women and 1 out of 4 men have experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner within their lifetime. Domestic violence is tragically common, and when the safety of an individual or an entire family is at stake we are able to provide resources to help those that come to us. Our programs take a trauma informed approach. This includes realizing the deep impact of trauma, recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, responding by integrating knowledge about trauma into practice, and seeking to actively resist being re-traumatized.

Three confidentially-located emergency shelters and scattered safe houses provide a haven for victims and their families; along with the support they need to start the process of healing. Residents are referred from schools, hospitals, other organizations, or are self-referred after speaking to a hotline.

Our emergency shelters offer services such as case management, child care recreation, mental health services, art therapy, healing groups, and yoga among others. Our staff understands the emotional trauma that domestic violence can cause and are keen on providing the best care in the crucial time period that occurs immediately after a victim leaves their partner.

Through comprehensive case management services, survivors gain long-term skills that enable them to meet everyday challenges after leaving the shelter. Our staff at the shelters is also trained to never disregard a person, adult or child, based on their behavior. Many of our clients also may be suffering from trauma or mental health issues. It is our policy to put every intervention into place to accommodate whoever comes through our doors.

We also do outreach in schools, community boards, and prisons. Our aim is to educate the community so that domestic violence can be recognized early and those suffering from it can get the help they need.

To learn more about our domestic violence programs, call (212) 316-8288.

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence call Safe Horizon’s 24-hour Domestic Violence hotline number at (347) 328-8066.

If it's an emergency, please dial 911.

“Today I feel like I have a future. I can say that my time at [VOA-GNY] has changed my life forever” - Excerpt from a thank you letter from a domestic violence survivor formerly in our care