Behavioral Health/ Substance Use Disorders

Supporting People with Mental Illness and Substance Use Issues

How We Help Those With Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Issues

Behavioral health services are a fundamental component of much of the work we do at Volunteers of America-Greater New York. Outside of our behavioral health-specific programs, we also provide similar services within many of our other programs which are often interrelated with addiction, domestic violence, and other challenges we address. People living with persistent mental illness are at-risk for homelessness, frequent hospitalizations, serious physical ailments, and abuse. They need individually-tailored case management to manage their mental illness and live successfully within a community. Our staff of mental health professionals, led by Dr. Elisa English PhD LCSWR, delivers psychiatric rehabilitation services in a variety of settings, supporting each individual’s wellness and recovery goals.

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"Behavioral health is more than a set of evidenced based theories and practices woven together to cure people - it requires the golden thread of staff to use all of themselves in passionate ways to help people when they are unwilling or unable to help themselves" - Dr. Elisa English

Watch this video about David, a formerly homeless veteran with substance abuse issues who thrived under our care: