Volunteer to Help Veterans

Volunteers of America, Inc. has been helping veterans from as far back as the Civil War who are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. We are the largest provider of supportive housing in New York State and we offer a full range of services to help veterans overcome the barriers that prevent them from living stable, secure lives.

Volunteering at one of our veterans programs in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx is a wonderful way to support the men and women who have served our country, and it can be an enjoyable team building activity as well. We will work with you to plan a successful experience that fits your group size and budget.

Ways to Get Involved

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    Host an Event

    Spend quality time with our veterans by sponsoring an event, like a games night or talent show, complete with a delicious meal served by your team. Veterans Day (November 11) and Memorial Day (May) are popular occasions, but events can take place any time of year.

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    Organize a Drive

    Raise funds to purchase Kitchen Welcome Packages for veterans who are about to move into apartments of their own. For most, this is their first permanent home in a long time and they are starting from scratch. Participating is simple: order from our shopping list below and have the items delivered to our office.

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    Beautification Projects

    Help make our residences more comfortable for the veterans who call them home. Spruce up the outdoor spaces or add a fresh coat of paint to the rooms and common areas. Learn more about our beautification projects benefiting veterans.

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How it Works

Contact us and we will help determine which volunteer project is the best fit for your team. Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Your budget
  • The number of volunteers you'd like to engage
  • Your preferred date or day of the week
  • Specific tasks or projects you'd like to help with
  • Whether you are restricted by borough*

We will liaise with our program staff to make all necessary arrangements based on the information you provide, and plan a conference call with you and program staff. On this call, we will discuss the day's schedule and volunteer roles to help ensure all members of your team are contributing to the success of the project. This is the key to a positive experience!

*Our programs serving veterans are located in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Reach out to Andrew Zibell, Senior Corporate & Community Engagement Manager, at azibell@voa-gny.org or 212-496-4307 to learn how your team can get involved.

"As a member of a military family and a big supporter of veterans and charities that support them, I have personally enjoyed working with [Volunteers of America-Greater New York] and spending time with the veterans at Commonwealth...They are always kind and extremely appreciative of our efforts."

Kim A. Pillar, Secretary at Lenox Foundation