Staten Island Volunteer Opportunities


Individualized Residential Services
Volunteer Opportunity: Maintenance Assistance (Indoor/Outdoor)
Description: Beautification, including painting and gardening, of apartment and houses for clients. Commitment needs to be during the week in the morning hours only.
Contact: Sandra Amato (718) 420-5452;

Recreation and Workshops (Adults)

Residential Services Program
Volunteer Opportunity: Barbecue Volunteers
Description: Serve and cook food for barbecue.  Set up and cleanup for barbecue. 5-10 volunteers needed for a half day.
Contact: Sandra Amato (718) 420-5452;

Residential Services Program
Volunteer Opportunity: Recreation Volunteer
Description: Engage consumers in arts & crafts activities. Must be 18 +.
Contact: Sandra Amato (718) 420-5452;