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  • Operation Backpack® 2015 Thank You

    This Operation Backpack® Thank You video, courtesy of three young students who have benefited from this campaign and the generosity of countless corporate partners and individuals.

  • Meet Didi

    Didi and his mother came to Volunteers of America looking for shelter. Now they have an apartment of their own, and the support of their VOA family.

  • Operation Backpack Sort Week featuring HSBC Bank and Duane Reade Charitable Foundation

    Every year, hundreds of volunteers help fill and sort backpacks that Volunteers of America-Greater New York distributes to children living in New York City's homeless and domestic violence shelters.

  • Kevin Bacon's Tough Day

    The first day of school can be tough. Help a homeless child go to school better prepared with Operation Backpack®.

  • Burt and Barbara

    For individuals like Burt and Barbara, Volunteers of America has afforded them the opportunity to gain their much deserved independence and to enjoy a life of dignity, richness, and, in their case, love.

  • McRae Family Profile

    After living in a family shelter for a time, they now live independently, happily and successfully on their own.

  • Everyday Miracles

    A collection of Volunteers of America-Greater New York success stories.

  • Nico's story

    "When he graduated, he was able to speak in full sentences, he was able to eat, do the alphabet, put his sneakers on, put his shirt on. He went in as one person, and came out a different person. What we knew was inside him was brought out." - Bobby Germano, father of Nico, a former student of the Staten Island Early Learning Center.

  • Max Feller

    A few years after his mother passed away, Max's life became unstable and unsafe, and he was removed from his father's care. Is is estimated that 50% of children who've been through the foster care system will become unemployed, homeless, incarcerated, or fall prey to the risks of violence and abuse on the streets. Volunteers of America makes sure that hundreds of young people like Max transcend that possibility.

  • Restoring Hope - Meet David

    From 25 Years on the Street to an Apartment of His Own