How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

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What you’ll need:

Tissue Paper
Fuzzy Ball
Pipe Cleaners
Scotch Tape
Washi Tape
Optional: Ribbon


Step 1: Cut out petals from a stack of tissue paper

Fold a sheet of tissue paper several times so that you can cut out multiple petals at once. On the non-folded edge of the tissue paper, draw a teardrop shape at least twice. Cut out the teardrop shapes and a square of tissue paper about the same size to cover the center of your "flower."

Step 2: Fold and cut a pipe cleaner. Wrap half of it around a fuzzy ball.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Take a small fuzzy ball and place it at the top of the pipe cleaner. Curl about half of the pipe cleaner over the ball to hold it in place. Wrap the square piece of tissue paper around the fuzzy ball and secure it with tape.

Step 3: Apply petals with tape one by one.

Wrap your first petal lengthwise so that the long edge of the petal meets itself, and secure it at the base of the fuzzy ball with tape. Take your next petal and do the same, but on the opposite side of the fuzzy ball as the first petal. Alternate petal positions around the center so that you create layers by filling gaps in between petals. Repeat until you have the desired amount.

Step 4: Tape the base of the petals and fluff for a fuller look.

Tape the base of the flower with washi tape to give it some color. Then, peel each petal out one by one.

Step 5: Repeat until you have a full bouquet!

Step 6: Bind stems together with colorful ribbon or tape.

Once you’ve gathered your bouquet, take some washi tape, or a ribbon, and wrap it around the pipe cleaners to bind them all together.

Music Credit: Ryan Nach of Knock it out Music