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  • Meet Didi | Operation Backpack® 2020

    Didi—now a senior in college—is a former resident of our family shelter on the Upper West Side. Hear how VOA-Greater New York and Operation Backpack® made an impact in his life.

  • Journey Home

    With the help of VOA-Greater New York, a family of four finds safety in America and a home to call their own.

  • Family When a Family is Needed Most

    Carmelita and her sons came to live temporarily at VOA-Greater New York's Regent Family Residence after an eviction left them homeless. There, they found a "family" and support when it was needed most.

  • Called to Serve: The Battle Buddy Bridge® Program

    Battle Buddy Bridge® is an innovative program developed by Volunteers of America that trains and certifies veterans to become peer specialists, and help their fellow veterans access the services that they need.

  • This is Why We Do What We Do

    Current and former clients discuss the impact VOA-GNY has had on their lives.

  • A Family Finds a Home

    With the help of Volunteers of America, a mother and her three daughters exit the NYC shelter system for a beautiful home to call their own

  • Meet Didi

    Didi and his mother came to Volunteers of America looking for shelter. Now they have an apartment of their own, and the support of their VOA family.

  • Burt and Barbara

    For individuals like Burt and Barbara, Volunteers of America has afforded them the opportunity to gain their much deserved independence and to enjoy a life of dignity, richness, and, in their case, love.

  • McRae Family Profile

    After living in a family shelter for a time, they now live independently, happily and successfully on their own.

  • Everyday Miracles

    A collection of Volunteers of America-Greater New York success stories.