Tere Pettitt

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tere Pettitt was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of VOA-Greater New York on August 1, 2014. Prior to assuming that role, Ms. Pettitt served as the organization’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer since 2002. In her current capacity, she is responsible for managing approximately 80 programs in the New York metropolitan area, programs which help individuals and families in need overcome obstacles to living safe, healthy and productive lives.

Ms. Pettitt oversees a staff of more than 1,300 professionals who are committed to helping our most vulnerable; individuals and families who are homeless; families escaping domestic violence; children with developmental delays; adults with developmental disabilities, individuals living with issues related to behavioral health, HIV/AIDS and chemical dependencies; at-risk youth; the frail elderly and our nation’s veterans.

Ms. Pettitt manages operating budgets valued at approximately $100 million and has overseen program growth of over $40 million in the last 10 years.

Prior to her tenure at VOA-Greater New York, Ms. Pettitt worked at New York United Hospital Medical Center. In the capacity of Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Ms. Pettitt managed all aspects of the hospital’s health care delivery system which covered both in- and out-patient care, physician practices and the only NYS Nursing Home that offered dialysis services.

Ms. Pettitt received her MA in Social Work from NYU and an MA in Philosophy from Villanova University with a concentration in medical ethics and American Philosophy.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aging
  • Clinical Engagement
  • Nonprofit Fiscal Management
  • Supportive Housing Development
  • Tax Credits and Other Nonprofit Financing

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