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Volunteers of America has been on the forefront of social services for 123 years. Our talented and knowledgeable team is comprised of trusted professionals, who together, have decades of experience in the human services sector. Many have deeply rooted careers within the organization and have contributed to the development of some of our most innovative programs. They offer unique perspectives, insights, and information on a wide variety of timely issues including affordable and supporting housing, corporate social responsibility, family homelessness, domestic violence, the impact of childhood trauma, and behavioral health as it relates to veterans, youth, and individuals with a history of substance abuse.

We encourage you to read more about our staff below. Our staff are available for media, speaking engagements, panels, and events that support our mission. To inquire about their availability, please contact Rachel Weinstein, Vice President of Communications and External Relations at (212) 496-4305 or

  • Myung J. Lee

    President and Chief Executive Officer of Volunteers of America-Greater New York

    Myung J. Lee was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Volunteers of America-Greater New York in May 2020. In her current capacity, she oversees a staff of more than 1,300 professionals and manages approximately 80 programs in the New York metropolitan area that serve individuals and families in need.

  • Thea Jandzio

    Vice President, Business Development and Program Services

    Thea Jandzio is responsible for program development as well as management of the Northern New Jersey service sector, which encompasses a broad portfolio of programs serving adults living in supportive housing, fee for service programs, residential youth services, and individuals living with developmental disabilities. She also oversees the homeless outreach programs at JFK and LaGuardia Airports and VOA-GNY's shelter for women in Queens. 

    Areas of Expertise:

    • At-risk Youth
    • Behavioral Health
    • Clinical Engagement

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    • Paul Kress

      Vice President, Real Estate

      Paul Kress is responsible for carrying out the organization's strategic plan for growth in the areas of real estate development, new capital projects, and the development of new lines of business to sustain and grow the work and mission of VOA-GNY.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Supportive Housing Development
      • Tax Credits and Other Nonprofit Financing

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      • Julia A. Oliver

        Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

        Julia Oliver is responsible for the overall fiscal stewardship of VOA-GNY and related entities as well as information technology. She oversees all aspects of the organization’s finance, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and reporting to VOA-GNY board.

        Areas of Expertise:

        • Nonprofit Fiscal Management

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      • Dolores Swirin-Yao

        Vice President, Development

        A 30-year veteran of the nonprofit world, Dolores Swirin-Yao has served in senior leadership roles across many prestigious charities, and specializes in helping organizations start, turn around or take their fundraising programs to the next level. At VOA-GNY, Dolores is developing a robust fundraising pipeline and supporting campaigns for Operation Backpack® and the annual Gala.

        Areas of Expertise:

        • Nonprofit Fund Development

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        • Rachel Weinstein

          Vice President, Communications & External Relations

          Rachel Weinstein directs the organization’s overall communications strategy including traditional and digital marketing, public relations, media relations and internal communications. She is the founder of Operation Backpack®, produces the organization's annual gala, and serves as the VOA-GNY spokesperson. 

          Areas of Expertise:

            • Operation Backpack®
            • Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism

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            • Noelle Withers

              Vice President, Quality and Program Services

              As Vice President, Quality and Program Services, Ms. Withers oversees the following program areas and departments: Single Shelters, DHS Tier II Family Shelters, Veterans Programming, SROs, Mid-Hudson programming, VOA-GNY Early Learning Centers, Scattered Site Housing, LKO Outreach and the Performance Improvement Department.

              Areas of Expertise:

              • Family Homelessness
              • Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance

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              • Leslie Armstrong

                Assistant Vice President, New York City Emergency Housing and Shelter Services

                A 22-year veteran of the social services field, Leslie Armstrong currently works with individuals and families in specialized housing, overseeing transitional, emergency, and assessment shelter services for Volunteers of America-Greater New York. 

                Areas of Expertise:

                • Family Homelessness
                • Individual Homelessness

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                • Nicole Gniewkowski

                  Director of Performance Improvement & Corporate Privacy Officer

                  Nicole has had extensive experience in human services from starting as a case manager and moving into quality assurance. She's been with VOA-GNY since 2014.

                  Areas of Expertise:

                  • Performance Improvement/Quality Assurance

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