Corporate Opportunities

Year Round

Project Name: Book Drive
Project Description: Libraries in several of our residences have recently been refurbished but many of the books and magazines on the shelves are outdated and in poor condition. Hold a book or magazine drive in your office to replenish the contents in these libraries so that our clients are up-to-date with current events and able to enjoy today's bestsellers.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: Year round
Project Budget: N/A

Project Name: Re-Gift It!
Project Description: Do you receive gifts that you simply can't use but someone else might LOVE? We'll take them! Collect new, good-quality gift items at your workplace for adults and the elderly. We will give them to our residents as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: Year round, but especially during the December holidays
Project Budget: N/A

Project Name: Back to Basics Kits
Project Description: Hold a drive to collect basic items needed by residents in all of our facilities. Examples of much-needed basics include kits of soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant and moisturizer. (Please - no razors or mouthwash.) For the men at our shelter on Wards Island, we always need new socks and underwear. For the children at our Early Learning Center in the South Bronx, each month we use dozens of pull-up diapers, as most of the children are not potty trained when they enter the program.
Project Location: Your office or our Manhattan Headquarters
Project Date: Any time
Project Budget: TBD

Project Name: Kitchen Housewarming Package for Veterans
Project Description: Raise funds to purchase housewarming gifts for formerly homeless veterans who are about to move into apartments of their own. For most of these men and women, this is their first permanent home in a long time, and they are starting from scratch. A Kitchen Welcome Package may include pots and pans, a set of dishes, silverware and utensils, and some condiments, and pantry staples.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: Any time
Project Budget: TBD

Project Name: Brightening Birthdays
Project Description: Host a birthday party for children living in our homeless and domestic violence shelters to restore normalcy in their lives and ensure that all of our children are celebrated. Five to ten volunteers come to the party for the children with birthdays that fall in that month to paint faces, work on arts and crafts projects, and serve cake and pizza. Prior prep work involves decorating special name badges and crowns for the birthday children.
Project Location: Manhattan
Project Date: Monthly dates available
Project Budget: $700

Project Name: “A Room of One's Own" Welcome Package

Project Description: Raise funds to provide new bed linens and pajamas for foster children entering a new group home. Imagine coming into a group home, not knowing anyone and having very few, if any, of your own possessions. That is the reality for most children in the foster care system. When these young people arrive in our Northern New Jerseyresidences, we would love for them to be able to have a new set of linens, a comforter, a pillow, and a set of pajamas to keep and call their own. They can then take these cherished possessions with them when they transition to their first independent homes.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: Any time
Project Budget: $875-$1,575 for one 5-9 person group home, assuming $175 per set

Project Name: Celebrate Our Veterans
Project Description: Bring all the fixings for a barbecue in our East 119th Street Veterans Residence outdoor space, which includes a basketball hoop and chess tables. In addition to food, you may also bring board games, BINGO and arts and crafts activities to enjoy with our veterans on a summer evening or weekend day.
Project Location: East 119th Veterans Residence, Manhattan
Project Date: A mutually convenient time
Project Budget: $1,000 to $2,000

Project Name: A Penny Social
Project Description: Host a luncheon on Staten Island that is organized like an old-fashioned Penny Social. You would host approximately 20 residents with developmental disabilities in our Residential Services program. Many lived for decades in the infamous Willowbrook State School before it was shut down. This event brings great joy to residents who, as they age, are becoming too frail to access the free community activities they once enjoyed. The residents (or guests) receive a number of tickets that they can drop into brown paper bags of their choice, hoping to win various “treasures" like a small plant or stuffed animal, a set of large-type puzzle books, or a cheery mug. You set up the room, greet guests as they enter, seat them and escort them around the tables displaying the items on which they can “bid".
Project Location: A restaurant (or hall) on Staten Island
Project Date: Mutually convenient day
Project Budget: $3,000 (lunch can take place in a very modestly priced venue and your employees might donate the "auction" items themselves; you can include goody bags, decorations, certificates of appreciation or anything else you like).


Spring/ Summer

Project Name: Early Learning Starter Backpack
Project Description: At our Early Learning Center in the South Bronx, most of the 270 children we serve live in poverty and have developmental delays. Many don't have a single book in their home, and very few speak English when they begin with us. You can help get these children off to a good start – and actively engage their families in the learning process – by giving them a backpack to take home filled with a “starter library" as well as watercolors, crayons and a drawing pad or coloring book. For the 1st year students we include picture books about starting school and potty-training. For the 2nd year students, at the start of the year, we include an "all about me" book and, for the end of the school year, a book about starting kindergarten. Early Learning Starter Backpacks also include a composition notebook in which teachers write daily notes home to parents, wipes, a sippy cup, and a durable snack food container so that the children can bring to school foods that are comforting to them.
Project Location: Your office or our school in the Bronx
Project Date: June or July
Project Budget: Flexible

Project Name: Operation Backpack®
Project Description: Bring your office co-workers or congregation members together to collect backpacks and school supplies for children in NYC's homeless and domestic violence shelters. Then have your team join us for “Sort Week," when we pack the backpacks and prepare them for distribution. Since 2001, Operation Backpack has provided backpacks and school supplies to children living in homeless and domestic violence shelters throughout New York City. Last year, we provided 18,400 homeless children with backpacks filled with grade-specific school supplies – including a dictionary, thesaurus, scientific calculator and flash drive for the older kids; and watercolors, colored pencils and tissues for the younger ones. Not only did these children begin the school year with the supplies they need to do their work, but they looked and felt more like their classmates on that all-important first day of school.
Project Location: Your office and/or our Manhattan offices
Project Date: July-August; “Sort Week" scheduled for mid-August
Project Budget: TBD

Project Name: Summer Carnival or Ice Cream Social
Project Description: Host a fun Summer Carnival or Ice Cream Social for youngsters residing in our homeless and domestic violence shelters. Volunteers create a fun and memorable event for these children, transforming a recreation room with festive decorations, playing games, painting faces, sharing pizza and ice cream, and handing out gift bags.
Project Location: 2 sites in the Bronx; 2 sites in Manhattan; 1 site in Queens and 2 in Brooklyn
Project Date: Spring or summer weekend, or summer weekday
Project Budget: $750 - $1,500

Project Name: Family Day Cookout
Project Description: Join the staff of Volunteers of America in hosting a Family Day
Cookout for families affected by domestic violence. Many women who leave violent relationships find moving to a shelter very difficult, and they often lack adequate social skills to build better lives for themselves and their children. This Family Day helps these women and their children to reduce stress levels and deepen relationships with other residents in the shelter. Activities include games, music, food, face painting, arts and crafts, and a barbecue.
Project Location: Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn
Project Date: Spring or Summer Weekday
Project Budget: $750-$1,000

Project Name: Barbecue & Field Day for At-Risk Youth
Project Description: Host a Barbecue and Field Day for young people aged 13-21, bringing them the joy and laughter that being a kid is all about. The youth who benefit from this program are in transition or crisis and live with us in group homes, short-term emergency shelters, or supportive housing programs for youth aging out of foster care. Field Day activities include a barbecue, softball, volleyball and basketball, contests (jump rope, hula hoop, water balloon toss), and raffles.
Project Location: Merrill Park, Northern New Jersey
Project Date: A weekday in the summer
Project Budget: $1,000-$2,000, for barbecue food, games, prizes

Project Name: Painting and Beautification Projects
Project Description: Painting or beautification projects are available at many of our locations. Capital improvement projects enable residents to foster a feeling of connection to the community and a sense of pride in where they live.
Project Location: Various locations
Project Date: Spring or Summer Weekday or Weekend
Project Budget: $1,500-$3,000


Project Name: Holiday Gifts Toy Drive
Project Description: Collect age-appropriate toys and other gifts for children in our homeless and domestic violence shelters in New York City, preschoolers at our Early Learning Center in the South Bronx, and teens in our group homes in New Jersey, to ensure that no one is forgotten during the holidays. We also have a limited number of Secret Santa letters from children in our shelters and early learning centers to which corporate groups may respond. Then join us for “Sort Week," when we pack the gifts and prepare them for distribution.
Project Location: Your office and/or our Manhattan offices
Project Date: November-December

Project Name: Burt & Barbara's Gifts of the Heart
Project Description: Collect small gifts that we can give to our older adults with developmental disabilities. For many of these clients, VOA is their only “family". Burt and Barbara are two such clients who met and fell in love when they both were placed in VOA apartments, after Willowbrook State School finally was closed. Burt & Barbara's Gifts of the Heart is named for them and for their enduring love for each other.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: For Valentine's Day and the December holidays or all year long for birthdays and other milestones

Project Name: Valentines for Veterans
Project Description: Show veterans in our care some love by making or purchasing Valentine cards, boxes of chocolates/candy, and other sweet treats. Let these vets know you care and appreciate their service.
Project Location: Your office
Project Date: For Valentine's Day
Project Budget: TBD

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