Nicole Gniewkowski

Director of Performance Improvement & Corporate Privacy Officer

As Director of Performance Improvement, Nicole Gniewkowski is responsible for overseeing the quality of services rendered to VOA-GNY's consumers, as well as identifying trends and patterns and utilizing this data to enhance services. She also monitors and maintains as well as trains VOA-GNY employees on the electronic health record. As the Corporate Privacy Officer, Ms. Gniewkowski oversees HIPAA training for all staff and monitors all HIPAA concerns for both consumers and VOA-GNY employees.

Ms. Gniewkowski began working for VOA-GNY in 2014 as Quality Assurance Coordinator, liaising closely with the Director of Performance Improvement and Corporate Privacy Officer. In September 2016, she accepted the position of Electronic Health Record Project Manager, and then subsequently in December 2017, took over as the Director of Performance Improvement and Corporate Privacy Officer. 

Ms. Gniewkowski started her career in the nonprofit sector as a case manager with a foster care agency, where she worked for several years until she transitioned into the role of quality assurance coordinator at that same agency. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Honor Society. Ms. Gniewkowski also holds a Bachelor’s of Science from CUNY.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Performance Improvement/Quality Assurance

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