Schwartz Assessment Shelter Achieves Perfect Score on Callahan Inspection

Schwartz Assessment Shelter our shelter for men on Ward’s Island, received a perfect score on its Callahan Inspection in April. This accomplishment comes on the heels of Jamaica Women's Employment Shelter's perfect Callahan score in February.

The Callahan Inspection is the result of a 1981 court case that changed the way New York City homeless shelters meet the needs of their clients. Originally filed in 1979 on behalf of homeless men in New York City by lawyer Robert Hayes, Callahan vs Carey established the concept of “right to shelter” for homeless individuals. The ruling further set standards for the treatment of homeless individuals and holds city shelters responsible to meet these standards. Annually, inspectors arrive at a facility and grade it on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how well residents are living. Inspectors look at the overall cleanliness, the quality of beds and mattresses, and the availability of clean linens, fresh toiletries, laundry and mail service. Inspectors also make sure there are CPR-certified employees on every shift, and that the program provides at least ten hours of recreation per week for residents.

Schwartz is a 377-bed emergency shelter that operates 24/7 and helps men who are homeless to find more permanent living situations based on their needs. The team at Schwartz prepares for the inspection weeks in advance and uses teamwork and communication to consistently provide the best possible environment for everyone who walks through our doors. “Twice a year we are all given the opportunity to demonstrate how we can succeed when we work together,” says Simone Statia, Associate Director of Operations on Ward’s Island. She goes on to praise the entire team for their dedication to each other and their clients. “It sends the message to our staff that we can achieve anything if we continue to work together as a team and act as if every day at Schwartz is a Callahan Inspection.”