Programs for At-Risk Youth in New Jersey Receive COA Accreditation

Thanks to the hard work of staff at our programs for at-risk youth, Volunteers of America - Greater New York and Northern New Jersey received a four year accreditation from the Council on Accreditation (COA). An internationally renowned organization, COA prioritizes excellence in human services, and specializes in accrediting programs that encompass, “…the continuum of child welfare, behavioral health, and community-based social services.” The vetting process is rigorous and includes an in-depth review of an organization’s programs to ensure that the methodology is congruent with the latest research and standards.

The evaluation itself examines everything from the mission of the organization, to systems and processes, as well as communication. COA also collects information on individuals who are a part of the organization including members of the Board, executive leadership, middle management, and direct care staff. Assuring a thorough review, they also conduct face–to-face interviews with administrative departments like finance and HR, among others.

“The comments and the feedback from each of the reviewers has been wonderful. The reviewers highlighted how best practices are evident throughout the programs,” said Thea Jandzio, Assistant Vice President of Northern New Jersey programs, praising her staff’s dedication throughout the rigorous process.

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