Hope and Hearth Holiday Food Vouchers

Hope and Hearth Holiday Food Vouchers

Since 1896, Volunteers of America has been ensuring hungry men, women and children are not forgotten during the holidays. Originally, Volunteers of America co-founder Maud Booth would load up wagons with baskets brimming with all the traditional holiday food - turkey, potatoes, stuffing, relish, peas, pie, and milk for the children. She and her wealthy friends and hundreds of volunteers would deliver thousands of baskets to the poor.

Where once we delivered baskets of food to those in need, we have replaced them with food vouchers so that recipients can shop for and prepare a meal that is special to them rather than rely on a food pantry or soup kitchen for their holiday meal. This change was in recognition of the fact that many people have dietary restrictions for medical, religious or other reasons and is consistent with our belief that it is important to allow people to experience as normal a life as they can, in spite of their circumstance.

The families and individuals who receive food vouchers through Hope & Hearth include the elderly, veterans on limited incomes, and homeless families residing in our shelters.

Stephen Legall is one such recipient. During the year, he lives on a limited income in one of our supportive housing residences. He looks forward to the holidays when the vouchers enable him to make his favorite dish from childhood.

The number of food vouchers we distribute is solely based on the amount of private money we raise. These food vouchers act as cash in supermarkets and allow recipients to shop for food that is special to them rather than have to rely on a food pantry or soup kitchen for their holiday meal.

How to Participate:

  • DONATE. In the spirit of giving we invite you to share some of your bounty with those less fortunate by donating online.

    Every $25 donation pays for one food voucher.