Guide to the ELC Reopening Plan

The reopening plan for VOA-Greater New York's early learning center includes all the required components identified by New York State Education Department (NYSED). The plan follows the structure of their guidance and addresses each component as it applies to our students and families.

What You'll Find In The Plan

1: Communication/Family and Community Engagement

  • How VOA-GNY will communicate important updates to families
  • Protocol for visitors to the BELC
  • Health and safety procedures, including the proper use of masks and hand-washing techniques

2: Health and Safety

  • Daily check-in and screening process for students, staff and visitors
  • How social distancing will be maintained and encouraged
  • Special accommodations, including for those at increased risk of complications from COVID-19
  • Information about face coverings and PPE
  • Protocol for confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, including contact tracing
  • When it is safe to return to school after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Daily disinfecting protocols
  • Updated procedure for school safety drills during the pandemic
  • Designated COVID-19 safety officers and their roles

3: Facilities

  • An overview of the new safety measures that have been installed or implemented

4: Nutrition

  • Updates to procedures related to the NYSED School Breakfast and Lunch program at the BELC

5: Transportation

  • New protocol for taking the bus, including temperature screening
  • New safety procedure upon arrival at the early learning center
  • Social distancing while being escorted to classrooms

6: Social Emotional Well-Being

7: School Schedules

  • Additional details about the blended model of learning, including a weekly schedule

8: Budget and Fiscal

9: Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

  • What will happen if students are chronically absent during remote instruction

10: Technology and Connectivity

  • Procedure for new students accessing technology required for remote instruction

11: Teaching and Learning

  • How learning activities and other elements of the classroom have been adapted for remote instruction
  • What the first week at school might include
  • Policy for bringing toys/transitional objects from home and how to help children adjust to being in school
  • In-person classroom safety protocols, including the layout of physical work stations to maintain social distancing, and classroom cleaning procedures

12: Career and Technical Education

13: Athletics and Extra Curricular Activities

  • New procedure for gross motor and physical education activities

14: Special Education

15: Bilingual Education and World Languages

16: Staffing

17: Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

18. Student Teaching


If you have any suggestions, concerns and/or questions about the reopening plan, please contact:

Linda Rosenthal
Director of Early Childhood Educational Services
(718) 466-3580