For over a decade, FedEx has been a vital partner to Volunteers of America, ensuring that the generosity of thousands of people reaches the individuals, children and families in our care.

It all began in May 2002 when Virginia Martinez, Senior Operations Manager and FedEx employee for sixteen years, received a call from Volunteers of America. Would FedEx be willing to pick up boxes of school supplies that companies throughout the city were collecting for the children in our programs? Sure, we can do that was Virginia’s immediate response. When she learned the children benefiting from the back-to-school drive live in Volunteers of America family shelters and teen homes, are developmentally delayed and attending one of our early learning centers, or have parents who are critically ill, she wanted to do even more.

FedEx had worked with other organizations on their holiday toy drives, but she had never heard of a drive to collect basic supplies for school. “This is a need that most people don’t know exists. I have two little girls myself, but it never crossed my mind that some families can’t afford to buy school supplies for their children each year. This has opened my eyes.” As a result, Virginia has taken both a professional and personal interest in volunteering her services and those of her colleagues at FedEx.

After a successful back-to-school drive, we asked Virginia if FedEx could help us with our Toy drive and Secret Santa program, again picking up boxes of donated items. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for FedEx, and her drivers would be deployed elsewhere on the days we needed them, but undaunted, Virginia and her managers left their offices and on a rainy and cold December afternoon, delivered and unloaded FIVE TRUCKLOADS themselves. On top of that, the managers in 15 FedEx offices in Manhattan asked for Secret Santa letters; 88 children received personal gifts from FedEx employees.

Virginia voiced the feeling of many of her colleagues. “It was important for me to take my two daughters shopping with me for our Secret Santa gift. I want them to understand that not everyone is as lucky as we are.” Volunteers of America is lucky to have Virginia Martinez and the entire FedEx team.

To learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact Rachel Weinstein at or (212) 496-4305.