Help Get Our Kids Connected

COVID-19 made clear how important access to technology is and showed us the stark realities of the digital divide. Nowhere is this more evident than in our shelters where the same children who just received backpacks and school supplies from us, struggle to keep up—both socially and academically.

While children in stable living situations are Facetiming with friends and seamlessly engaging in remote learning with software and technology that works, the children in our shelters are at risk of falling further behind due to inadequate connectivity. This simply is not fair. With your help we can right this inequity for hundreds of children and their families.

Most kids in our shelters have received tablets from the Department of Education but the reliability of the devices and their connection to the internet is sketchy at best, often failing. That’s why we've decided to take on an enormous project: bringing WiFi to every unit in all seven of our family and domestic violence shelters. It’s the right thing to do and it's critically important.

The cost is high, especially in underserved neighborhoods where cell towers are inadequate—like the South Bronx where two of our family shelters are located. Not only do our children need access, but so do their parents and staff who want to support the children.

Will you help bridge the digital divide?

  • Installation and a full year of WiFi at our largest family shelter  $255,600*
  • One-time cost to wire one floor   $18,000*
  • Monthly WiFi cost for a small domestic violence shelter   $2,700
  • Full year of internet access for a family   $400
  • One month of internet access for three families  $100


These news stories
 published by NPR, The New York Times and other outlets stress the critical importance of supporting children in this way.

If we do not meet the daunting goal of raising enough funds to fully wire all seven family shelters, these funds will go toward other programs to support learning for children in our shelters.

*Call us at (929) 429-6840 to learn more and to make a real impact now.