Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Make an impact with your organization by volunteering as a group! We have many opportunities to throw an event or provide a service for our clients. In fact, many of our partners contribute their time multiple times at different events throughout the year. Activities range from hosting an event on-site, beautifying spaces for our residents, or holding a drive at your office to collect much needed supplies.

For example, employees of one of our partners hosted a Halloween party for the children living at one of our domestic violence shelters. The volunteers decorated the room, put together a themed craft, did face painting, and set up a photo booth with props. It gave the children an opportunity to celebrate the holiday like any other child, despite their current circumstances.

Group volunteering projects enhance well-being and normalize the lives of our clients. Being able to enjoy the simple things like a backpack with new supplies or a summer barbecue provides stability and relief in a life that may otherwise be tumultuous. Your support makes the difference between simply feeding and sheltering a person, and helping them envision and attain a better future.

Be sure to check out our list of corporate volunteer opportunities for more information.


You can also “adopt-a-program” and be the go-to sponsor as you help a specific group of individuals and families celebrate holidays, satisfy material necessities and raise money. This can enhance your corporate giving initiatives with a personal touch! Another way to volunteer for the long-term is to get involved with the many children and teenagers in our care. You and your team can be active role models and mentors for this vulnerable population.

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