Corporate Volunteer Opportunities


In light of the developing COVID-19 situation and our priority to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers, volunteer activities scheduled to take place at VOA-Greater New York program sites through May 18, 2020 are postponed. On behalf of our clients, we are very disappointed of course, and look forwarding to rescheduling projects just as soon as we safely can.

We know you understand this is the responsible course of action and thank you for your tremendous support. Please contact Andrew Zibell at if you wish to discuss future engagements. To learn how you can help in other ways during these uncertain times, please see the list below.


Make an impact with your organization by volunteering as a group! We have many opportunities to throw an event or provide a service for our clients. In fact, many of our partners contribute their time multiple times at different events throughout the year. Activities range from hosting an event on-site, beautifying spaces for our residents, or holding a drive at your office to collect much needed supplies.

Group volunteering projects enhance well-being and normalize the lives of our clients. Being able to enjoy the simple things like a backpack with new supplies or a summer barbecue provides stability and relief in a life that may otherwise be tumultuous. Your support makes the difference between simply feeding and sheltering a person, and helping them envision and attain a better future.

Be sure to check out our lists of corporate volunteer opportunities for more information, and if you're interested please email Andrew Zibell at or call at (212) 496-4307 for more information.


You can also “adopt-a-program” and be the go-to sponsor as you help a specific group of individuals and families celebrate holidays, satisfy necessities and raise money. This can enhance your corporate giving initiatives with a personal touch! Another way to volunteer for the long-term is to get involved with the many children and teenagers in our care. You and your team can be active role models and mentors for this vulnerable population.

Please email Andrew Zibell at or call at (212) 496-4307 for more information.

We Thank Our Partners