Our Continuum of Care for Veterans

"Thank you for seeing me as a veteran and not a homeless woman."

Our goal is to help veterans achieve full independence and live safely in the community, making room in our programs for veterans who require supportive services.

Our continuum of care for veterans includes:

Veterans may enter the continuum of care at any point.

Looking Ahead

VOA-Greater New York has set an urgent, ambitious target of doubling the capacity of our veterans services by 2018, in particular:

  • increase permanent housing units for veterans in all five boroughs
  • add emergency housing units in New York and the Hudson Valley
  • open additional Safe Haven programs in New York and the Hudson Valley
  • remain an influential voice in the public dialogue to ensure the rights and needs of all veterans are protected and addressed

We are a member of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.


If you are a veteran who is homeless or are at imminent risk, email VOA4vets@voa-gny.org or call 855-2000-VOA.