Featured Partner: Tom Haymond and Creative Mobile Technologies

Since its founding, Volunteers of America has relied on the kindness of generous New Yorkers who are compelled by our mission to help individuals and families in need create positive and lasting change to live safe, healthy, and productive lives. This tradition continues today through the support of Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) and Executive Vice President of Media, Tom Haymond.

We connected with CMT in 2015 through Pitch, a valued partner and out-of-home media buying company, that annually, helps us obtain more than $1 million in pro bono city-wide ad space for Operation Backpack®. When Pitch reached out to Tom three years ago, he immediately responded to the request, making space for a short PSA about Operation Backpack® on Taxi TV, which played in 6,600 of New York City’s cabs. In 2016, he generously provided air time for another PSA that highlighted our work with veterans.

This April, when we put out a call for official Operation Backpack® sponsors, Tom helped exponentially extend the reach of our campaign by again offering ad space in CMT’s cabs. The value of this new video comes to just under $100,000 and put us in touch with several interested sponsors, including a family foundation that donated $15,000 after they saw the video in a CMT taxi.

We’re grateful that CMT Taxi and Tom Haymond have always been enthusiastic about our work and are willing to accommodate us whenever possible. On behalf of the thousands of children, veterans, and other vulnerable New Yorkers you’ve helped through your generosity, we thank you.