June 2019 Volunteer Opportunities

Flag Day

Recognize the former military men and women in our care by celebrating Flag Day and the start of summer with a barbecue at one of our supportive housing residences for veterans. 

Both residences in Manhattan and the Bronx have outdoor spaces equipped for barbecues, and volunteer teams in the past have treated our clients to burgers, hot dogs and sides. After you're finished cooking, our veterans love to spend time chatting with volunteers, sometimes over a game of chess or checkers! For many residents who do not have close family or friends nearby, these social events are an extra special way to spend their time.

Father's Day

Many of the fathers and grandfathers in our adult supportive housing residences are quick to tell you a story about their kids or their grand-kids, and how proud they are of them, even though they may not be their primary caretakers. In honor of Father's Day, hold a drive to collect items that will make them feel extra appreciated.

Consider collecting essentials that they need like toiletries (i.e. shaving cream), ties, cologne, coffee mugs, hats, or other appropriate clothing items.

Or, you can spend an afternoon with your colleagues to create homemade cards of encouragement for the fathers we serve.

End of the School Year

Celebrate our students and help kick-off the summer by throwing an end-of-school-year party for children living in our homeless and domestic violence shelters. Reward a year of hard work with a carnival or pizza party! Or, host a field trip for the children, many of whom don't have the chance to attend summer camps or take vacations like their peers. A special day helps "normalize" life for these kids.

For more information or details on how to get involved, please contact Andrew Zibell.