Fill a Backpack

Each backpack is filled with grade-specific school supplies to ensure homeless students are just as prepared to succeed as their classmates!

Every backpack given to a child through Operation Backpack is filled with brand-new school supplies according to the child's grade, so that these children look and feel just like their classmates. For example, high-schoolers get a dictionary, thesaurus and scientific calculator along with all the other usual school supplies. The youngest children receive water colors, washable markers, tissues and all the supplies they need. Children who might be preparing to take geometry receive a protractor, compass and graph paper.

We have compiled lists to make your shopping easier! There are four grade levels with grade-specific supply lists. So choose a grade, download the supply list and fill a backpack! We'll ask that you label it with the appropriate grade and note on the label if you are missing any supplies.

Please consider donating a filled backpack or two. If you have children of your own, consider engaging them in the process.

We are always short on certain supplies, and would particularly appreciate donations of academic planners, calculators, USBs and subject dividers. If you would like to also organize an Operation Backpack drive - at your company, club, camp, school, or place of worship, please contact us.

To learn more, email