The Bronx Early Learning Center

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The Bronx Early Learning Center (BELC) opened in 2007 and is located on Bathgate Avenue in the South Bronx. There are 250 students-- 234 children with developmental delays associated with autism, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder and neurological and emotional issues, and 16 typically developing children-- attending our integrated Universal PreKindergarten Program.

The poverty rate in the community served by the BELC is the highest in New York City, about 40%. For 31% of our students English is a second language; in fact many of the children come from homes where no English is spoken at all.

Many of the children come to us capable of performing very few activities typical for children their age. With the help of our staff – teachers, physical, speech and occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists - they leave transformed. Not just talking, but interacting in meaningful ways; and not just feeding themselves and putting on their own coats, but helping other children with theirs.

Our work is so effective that 57% to 62% of our graduates with developmental disabilities attend general education kindergarten classes with only related services or integrated classes with their typically developing peers.

For information, call (718) 466-3580.

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